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Fecal Tests: Poop is Important!

Have you ever wondered why we recommend you bring a fecal sample to your pets annual exam? Yes, this recommendation is messy and smelly, but it is a very important part of your pets annual wellness screening. Fecals allow us to test for intestinal parasites. These parasites can be a huge health concern for your … Read moreFecal Tests: Poop is Important!

Keep your pet’s safe over the 4th of July!

Pet Safety tips for the Fourth of July! Keep them away from fireworks. Make sure they are in a safe, secure location. Check to make sure that all doors and windows are secure and that your pet cannot get out of them. Keep dogs and cats away from all picnic foods that could make them sick. … Read moreKeep your pet’s safe over the 4th of July!

Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

Now is the time when people are traveling a lot more due to summer break and time off! If you want your family pet to be included in your travel plans, here are a few tips for a successful trip. Firstly, know where you are going and what regulations that specific destination state/country has for … Read moreTips For Traveling With Your Pet