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Dakota is the patient of the month!

1. How did you come to live with your humans? Did you join them as a puppy or kitten or were you adopted as an adult?

I came to my Mummy as an 8-week-old pup, but was already well-traveled by then: I was conceived in Europe (my Dad was a real STUD), and then my pregnant Mama was brought to California to join her own breeder’s family. I was born near LA, and my Mummy then brought me over to the East Coast by plane.

2. How did they choose your name?

Haha. I have an awesome registered name. It’s Apache Spirit Dances with Wolves. Don’t you think that suits me? Mummy called me Dakota because she maintains that she can’t keep yelling “Apache Spirit!!” down the yard whenever she wants me to come inside.

3. What are your favorite activities?

My ball. My ball. Throw it. Yes, all the way. Down the hill, and back again. Again, Mummy! Again! Daddee, mummy won’t play with me anymore. Daddee, throw my ball. Pleeze.

4. What is your favorite treat?

Trader Joe’s mini party turkey meatballs. Yum. Without a doubt. Bacon, New York Strip Steak. Camembert. I have a very refined palate.

5. Do you have a favorite toy?

My ball. Have I mentioned my ball yet? It’s orange. It’s the best thing, ever.

6. What do you like about coming to Clinton Vet?

Argh. Oops, Dakota ran away when he saw this question, so this is Mummy’s voice here: my big, goofy boy is a wimp, and he’s convinced Dr. Natalie is out to kill him. But really, he’s also very forgiving, because he keeps going back in your door every time. He says that treats feature a lot, and that he really likes Dr. Natalie a lot, and that everyone is very kind to him, but mostly he’d prefer to just forget coming to you. Oh, Dakota’s back. He wants me to make sure that I say thank you to Dr. Natalie for all her patience, and for telling my Mummy to feed me more so that I’m not hungry all the time. I EAT A LOT!

7. Do you have any nicknames?

I answer to Goof, and Floof, and Kota.

8. Any other fun info you’d like to share with us?

Have I mentioned my ball? Oh, wait, another fun fact? I have my own business card! Mummy says people are always stopping her on the street to ask what breed I am, and because nobody has ever heard of the Berger Blanc Suisse, she decided to make up some cards that she carries with her to hand out. People seem to like that. I’m also a Canine Good Citizen, and I have a few ribbons to my name (not that I care).

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