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Flea season is here. How to prevent and treat fleas on your pet.

Every year around this time we start to see a huge increase in itchy dogs and cats. The most common complaint is that the patient is scratching all the time and either pulling out or losing hair in certain areas. One of the common causes for these complaints is a flea problem.

Despite the fact that these insects have been around forever, there is still a lot of misinformation out there about how to treat and remove them from your home.

Flea shampoos, flea baths or dips simply do not work and in fact, can be very dangerous for your pet.

To adequately treat your household and your pet for fleas several steps must be taken.

The flea eggs or larvae like to live in carpets or on bedding. These eggs are stimulated to hatch by movement or vibration. To control a flea problem one of the best things you can do is to wash everything and vacuum all carpeted surfaces. It is important to remember to empty the vacuum after use. This will ensure that the eggs and larvae do not hatch and continue the life cycle of the flea.

All pets in the household must be treated with a flea product for at least three consecutive months in order to eliminate the problem. Indoor only cats are often missed and/or not treated for fleas because they do not go outside and they can perpetuate the cycle of infection. There are many safe products available to treat both dogs and cats for fleas. There are topical options as well as oral flea medications that can be given once a month. If you know your pet has a problem or you see live fleas, all pets in the household must be treated.

Some patients are allergic to fleas. In patients who have a flea allergy the itching and redness from flea bites can be very dramatic and irritating even with a relatively low number of fleas. These patients often require additional medications to help decrease the inflammation associated with a flea allergy.

Some of the products we recommend include Nexgard, Comfortis, Frontline, Revolution and others. We carry products that will start killing fleas within minutes and will make your pet more comfortable quickly.

If you suspect your pet has a flea problem contact us today and we can come up with the best option to treat all of the pets in your household.