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Respiratory Disease Outbreak

We have been getting a lot of calls and emails about the latest respiratory outbreak in dogs. Here is a list of what we know/don’t know and our current recommendations.

  • The outbreak has been confirmed in several states but there are no confirmed cases in CT yet. However, we have been seeing lots of confirmed cases of coronavirus and mycoplasma in dogs presenting with pneumonia and coughs.
  • All of the cases we have seen at Clinton Vet have had exposure to other dogs, either at daycare, kennels, or boarding facilities. Some puppies have been exposed to other animals simply in public spaces such as shopping centers or dog parks.
  • There is a lab in New Hampshire that is working on identifying the new bacteria that is likely causing the illness. For the most up-to-date information on their work please click this link: https://colsa.unh.edu/new…/canine-respiratory-outbreak
  • The illness is most severe in puppies and older dogs.

Our recommendations are as follows:

  • If you must board your pet this holiday season please ensure that they are up to date on their Bordetella, influenza, and parainfluenza vaccines. (parainfluenza is included in the distemper vaccine)
  • If you have a young puppy or senior pet, consider altering your plans so that boarding is not necessary
  • Avoid daycare or facilities where a lot of dogs come in contact with one another if you have a puppy or senior pet
  • Use caution when walking or taking your pet to places where there are a lot of other dogs present.

The symptoms of respiratory disease in dogs include coughing, sneezing, decreased appetite, lethargy, nasal discharge, and eye discharge. If your pet is experiencing symptoms, please call us. In some cases, we may elect to see your pet outside, or have you wait in the car to avoid bringing novel pathogens into the office.