Dental Care


Dental Care

Let’s face it; most pet owners place their dog’s or cat’s dental care on the back burner of veterinary health priorities. And some veterinarians do, too.

Your pet’s mouth tells us a lot about the overall health of your dog or cat. That’s why Clinton Veterinary Hospital offers advanced veterinary dental care technology and procedures, at affordable rates, and by a veterinarian who has gone the extra mile refining his craft.

Andrew Ciok, VMD, has certifications from the Animal Dental Center in addition to his basic dental veterinary training. Dr. Ciok is passionate about pet dental care for the following core reasons:

Disease Prevention
Toxins present in your pet’s mouth from periodontal disease absorb into the blood stream. Kidneys, liver, and even the brain filter blood, so a minor periodontal infection now can cause major organ damage later.

Disease Diagnosis
Doggy breath may be a normal occurrence, but particular types of breath (both pleasant and unpleasant) indicate particular types of disease. For example, fruity or sweet smelling breath could mean your pet has diabetes.

Pain Management
Has your dog’s or cat’s appetite or eating behavior changed? Do you think it’s something gastrointestinal? Perhaps. But it could also be something dental. Broken teeth, cavities, and gum disease significantly impact your pet’s appetite and comfort level. Regular brushing and dental checkups monitor and prevent issues like these.

Behavior Improvement
Brushing your pet’s teeth at home on a regular basis gives you time to bond, to set behavioral expectations, and to build trust. All this—plus your dog’s or cat’s healthier mouth—creates an environment for good pet behavior.


Get in touch with us today or ask our staff about dental care at your next appointment. We will explain the anesthesia process we use during our cleanings and how we determine whether your pet is safe to undergo it. We will also cover at-home tooth care, from brushing to choosing the right toys and treats.

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