In-House Laboratory


In-House Laboratory

When you want the best in pet care, an in-house laboratory is worth its weight in gold. At Clinton Veterinary Hospital, we can run diagnostic tests on your pet and immediately get results.

This allows us to come to a diagnosis faster and provide better pet care. But it also means more convenience for you, the client, since we can provide these services in one location.

What’s more, we can send you to our in-house pharmacy

In-House Tests

Here are the types of tests we run and evaluate at our in-house lab:

  • Urine samples—This enables us to determine the presence of urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and kidney disease.
  • Blood samples—An entire host of conditions—from allergies to cancer—can be discovered using blood tests, and analyzing the interplay of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
  • 4DX Test—This test is recommended annually and is run within 8 minutes in our lab. This test screens for heartworm, Lyme disease, and two tick borne diseases—anaplasma and ehrlichia.

Contact us for more information about our diagnostics and laboratory, or to set an appointment for testing.

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