Internal Medicine


Internal Medicine

Veterinary internal medicine focuses on the care and treatment of your pet’s internal organs. In other words, it is literally the core of pet health.

Advanced and Complete Internal Medicine

To deliver the most advanced and complete internal medicine to your pets, we utilize the following methods and tools to examine your dog’s or cat’s internal organs:

  • Electrocardiography—An EKG machine is used to detect neurologic or electrical abnormalities in your pet’s heart.
  • Ultrasound—Ultrasound is a tool that allows us to observe the physical form and size of your pet’s internal organs, allowing us to detect any abnormalities. It also allows us to determine how well your pet’s heart is functioning.
  • Digital Radiology (Digital X-ray)—X-rays allow us to see images of the internal organs and structures in your pet’s body without invasive surgery. Our X-rays are digital, saving diagnostic time and resulting in a clearer view of your pet’s issue.

When your pet experiences an internal medical issue, he or she may or may not show symptoms. When you see your dog or cat or pocket pet behaving differently than normal, it’s time to make an appointment.

Even when things appear normal, it’s still a good idea to have your pet examined on a regular basis. Once a year is a good rule of thumb for most young pets. Twice a year is appropriate for senior pets.

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