Preventative Care


Preventative Care

So many illnesses and conditions in dogs and cats can be prevented. It just takes pet-owner commitment and pet provider access.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Clinton Veterinary Hospital provides all the leading flea and tick preventives on the market. Some prevent fleas only, others prevent ticks and intestinal parasites, too.

Tick prevention is important because it helps prevent Lyme disease, but not all flea and tick prevention methods may be suitable for your pet. Talk to us about which product is best for your pet’s situation.

Pet Vaccines

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of dog and cat illness that could have been prevented with a puppy and kitten vaccination regimen, or with regular boosters during adulthood.

Our pet wellness programs make the vaccine protocols more affordable for you, and our vaccine protocols make your pet care more affordable over the long haul. Please consider getting your pet’s vaccinations started today.


What your pet eats, and how much he or she eats, can prevent a number of ailments over the years. From preventing joint or lameness issues thanks to proper weight management, to preventing gum disease by using treats and chews that clean teeth, nutrition matters.

Contact us today to ask about our wellness plans. They are the most affordable way to prevent potential health issues.

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