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What Is Pancreatitis?

The pancreas is a very important organ that is located on the right side of the abdomen next to the stomach. The pancreas produces enzymes to help break down food… Read more

Dental Health for Your Pet

Dental health is extremely important!  Dental problems can cause other health issues or be caused by underlying diseases. This is why having a yearly check-up for your pet is important.… Read more

What is Leptospirosis?

  Leptosporosis is a life-threatening disease that your pet can acquire from the environment. The bacteria that causes the disease is called Leptospira, and it can be spread through contaminated… Read more

Does My Pet Have Allergies?

As the seasons change, your dog or cat's skin may change as well. You may notice they have increased itching, biting at their feet/legs or overall seem more uncomfortable. We… Read more

A Feline Friendly Life!

It's time to think about your cats! Most people adopt kittens or young cats from shelters or friends. That is the perfect time to bring them into the vet and… Read more

The Most Common Skin Masses On Pets

You may notice lumps or bumps on your furry friend that happen to pop up. If so, it's always a great idea to have those bumps checked and make sure… Read more

Grain free diets, could they be harming your pet?

There has been a lot in the news recently about grain free dog foods and how they might be contributing to heart disease in dogs. The FDA has issued a… Read more

Beat the Summer Heat

As we are heading through the heart of summer, here are a few tips to beat the heat and keep your pet cool. Overall, know your dog. This may sound… Read more

Fecal Tests: Poop is Important!

Have you ever wondered why we recommend you bring a fecal sample to your pets annual exam? Yes, this recommendation is messy and smelly, but it is a very important… Read more

Keep your pet’s safe over the 4th of July!

Pet Safety tips for the Fourth of July! Keep them away from fireworks. Make sure they are in a safe, secure location. Check to make sure that all doors and… Read more

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