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Clinton, CT

Client Portal

Register for our online portal to book online appointments and view your pet’s medical history, vaccine history, invoice history and test results!

How do I sign up for the client portal?

Follow the steps below to register your pet in our client portal.

Step 1:

Visit our client portal and click the second button to sign up for the first time.

Step 2:

Enter your information to register. Please use the same email that we have on file for you so your records will sync!

Step 3:

Once you have created your account, navigate to your dashboard and click the plus sign to book an appointment.

Step 4:

Select the appointment type you would like to book.

Step 5:

Choose your preferred date and time from the list of available appointment slots.

Step 6:

Select the pet you’re making the appointment for, then click submit!

Step 7:

Once you submit your appointment, you’ll receive two emails—one to confirm your request and a second email to confirm or change your appointment if needed.

Step 8:

Your appointment will show as unconfirmed on your portal until our team approves your request.

Step 9:

Once our team confirms your appointment, it will show as confirmed in your portal and you will receive a confirmation email as well. Then you’re all set!