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Clinton, CT

Pet Dental Care in Clinton, CT

Caring for your pet’s oral health will provide with them a long, healthy life.

Your pet’s dental health is more important than you think.

Why is dental treatment so essential? Recent research has revealed that 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs have oral disease. In fact, the majority of pet parents are unaware that their pet’s teeth are in need of care. Bad breath, plaque accumulation, excessive drooling, sore or bleeding gums when chewing or eating, and decreased appetite are all symptoms that suggest your cat or dog’s teeth require veterinary attention.

Your pet’s mouth is an excellent indicator of his or her general health. That is why, at Clinton Veterinary Hospital, we provide cutting-edge veterinary dental treatment and procedures by a veterinarian who has gone above and beyond to perfect his craft.

Andrew Ciok, VMD, has Animal Dental Center certifications as well as basic dental veterinary education. Dr. Ciok is enthusiastic about pet dental care for the following reasons:

Disease Prevention

As we said above, good oral health is essential for your pet’s overall health. Toxins absorbed through a periodontal infection enter the circulation. The kidneys, liver, and even the brain filter blood, so an insignificant periodontal ailment may lead to serious organ damage later.

Disease Diagnosis

Breath problems aren’t unusual, but particular types of breath (both pleasant and unpleasant) signal specific kinds of illnesses. Breath that smells fruity or sweet might indicate that your pet has diabetes.

Pain Management

Have you noticed a change in your dog’s or cat’s appetite or eating behavior? Do you think it’s a stomach issue? It’s certainly possible. But it may also be dental disease. Broken teeth, cavities, and gum illness can significantly affect your pet’s appetite and comfort level. Brushing and checkups on regularly monitor and cure problems like these.

Behavior Improvement

Brushing your dog’s teeth at home regularly basis allows you to get to know him or her better, establish behavioral standards, and build trust. All of this—plus your dog or cat’s improved dental health—encourages good pet conduct.