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Please note: at this time we are only accepting patients for grooming who are 30 pounds or under.
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Clinton, CT

Pet Grooming in Clinton, CT

Clinton Veterinary Hospital offers full-service grooming and baths.

Madeline McKinley


Madeline McKinley has been the lead groomer at Clinton Veterinary Hospital for over 10 years. Our clients know her as a bit of a whisperer with all personality types, and a master of making any breed look its best.

Madeline can be reached directly for an appointment at our hospital. Her number is 860-575-8448.

We help keep your pet healthy and clean with grooming.

Don’t be ashamed to flaunt your well-groomed pet! Regular grooming not only makes your pet seem attractive, but it may also assist in the maintenance of good health. On-site expert grooming services allow us to make it even easier to keep your pet looking and feeling great. Furthermore, safety is our priority. We never leave your pet alone in the tub or on the grooming table, and hair dryers are only used if they aren’t heated.

It’s not just about keeping your pet clean! Here are some reasons why grooming should be part of any pet’s regular veterinary care:


  • Injury inspection—When your dog or cat’s nails get trimmed, our groomer will examine whether your pet has any cuts or punctures from thorns or debris.
  • Flea and tick prevention—A thorough bathing and hair trimming gets our groomer up close and personal on the status of parasites on your pet’s skin.
  • Early detection of disease—Our groomer can detect abnormalities like lumps, lesions, discoloration, rashes, bald patches, and other conditions that indicate a larger health issue.
  • Pampering—Whether it’s a massage or just tender love and care, your pet emotionally and physically benefits from proper grooming.