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Clinton, CT

Pet Internal Medicine and Diagnostics in Clinton, CT

Veterinary internal medicine focuses on the treatment and care of your pet’s internal organs.

We diagnose ailments that cannot be seen.

We utilize various techniques to monitor your pet’s health concerns at Clinton Veterinary Hospital. We use advanced technology and conventional and specialized laboratory testing to evaluate your pet’s internal organs thoroughly. Rapid diagnosis is possible, which means that your pet will quickly get the care they need.

If your pet requires an X-Ray as part of their diagnostic workup, Clinton Veterinary Hospital offers a complete-service digital radiography laboratory and radiology consultation services.

Ultrasonography is a painless, non-invasive method for detecting and analyzing common illnesses. Ultrasound enables us to evaluate internal organs’ structure, size, shape, texture, and blood supply.

An EKG is an electrical test that measures the heart’s function. It determines how quickly and regularly your pet’s heartbeats and the size and position of the chambers. An EKG will also show any current damage to your cat or dog’s heart and reveal signs of any past injury. Early detection of a pet’s cardiac disease improves the chances of a successful cure.

We have an in-house laboratory, too.

Symptoms for a variety of illnesses and situations might be similar. That is why Clinton Veterinary Hospital has the full spectrum of diagnostic equipment and tests to precisely identify your dog’s or cat’s treatment requirements. We also have an in-house lab, so test results are ready swiftly, and therapy begins immediately.

Our in-house laboratory offers comprehensive services:


  • Urine analysis—Diabetes, dehydration, kidney diseases, and bacterial infections are some of the ailments we can assess using urinalysis.
  • Blood analysis—Complete blood count (CBC) tests on your pet help us determine what may be causing symptoms like fever, vomiting, or appetite loss. Other blood tests determine bone, liver, intestine, heart, and kidney health.