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Clinton, CT

Senior Pet Care in Clinton, CT

At Clinton Veterinary Hospital, we believe good senior pet care can literally add years to your pet’s quantity of life.

We care deeply about senior pet care.

Pets, like people, require more medical attention as they get older. Arthritis, dental disease, urinary tract infections, behavior or cognitive dysfunction, kidney disease, cancer, and cataracts are the most prevalent disorders in senior dogs and cats. Symptoms may appear suddenly in some instances. However, it is unusual for symptoms to manifest only when a disease has progressed or is incurable.

Your dog may be experiencing pain or discomfort and unable to communicate it. Routine, more frequent preventative care checkups are important as your pet approaches its senior years. Our veterinarians are skilled in detecting early signs of illness that you might mistake for simply “slowing down” or growing older.

Why is it so important to us? While animals might live more life spans based on their size, breed, and other characteristics, the fact remains that they age far more rapidly than humans. So, if a year for your dog is equivalent to 7 years in human age, each annual checkup is genuinely similar to a human physical every seven years. That explains why your pet’s yearly examination is so vital, and it’s why we recommend having two yearly checkups for senior dogs.

We’ll conduct screenings to look for your pet’s risk level for conditions like:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney or liver problems
  • Joint issues

Regular lab work we recommend for senior pets, includes:

  • Complete blood count to check for infections, leukemia, and anemia
  • Blood work to monitor the function of internal organs
  • T4 blood test to evaluate thyroid function

Let’s discuss your senior pet’s diet and nutrition.

Obesity is a problem as your pet gets older since the additional weight puts stress on his or her joints. To keep weight problems under control and reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, diet adjustments may be required. We have prescription diets for senior pets that have been discovered to help with digestive issues, allergies, and other ailments. We also sell supplements that have been proved to aid in arthritis. Fish oil supplements and chondroitin, when used together with a specific exercise program, is an option therapy for this problem.