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What Is Pancreatitis?

The pancreas is a very important organ that is located on the right side of the abdomen next to the stomach. The pancreas produces enzymes to help break down food and hormones such as insulin, which helps regulate blood sugar. These enzymes are activated when food is ingested.  When pancreatitis occurs, the digestive enzymes are … Read moreWhat Is Pancreatitis?

Keep your pet’s safe over the 4th of July!

Pet Safety tips for the Fourth of July! Keep them away from fireworks. Make sure they are in a safe, secure location. Check to make sure that all doors and windows are secure and that your pet cannot get out of them. Keep dogs and cats away from all picnic foods that could make them sick. … Read moreKeep your pet’s safe over the 4th of July!

Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

Now is the time when people are traveling a lot more due to summer break and time off! If you want your family pet to be included in your travel plans, here are a few tips for a successful trip. Firstly, know where you are going and what regulations that specific destination state/country has for … Read moreTips For Traveling With Your Pet

National Pet ID Week!

This up-coming week is National Pet ID week. Let’s kick it off with a quick run through of ways you can make sure your pet can be identified and returned, if ever lost. This is important because the American Humane Association estimates over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year. … Read moreNational Pet ID Week!

Clinton Veteinary Hospital’s guide to managing arthritis in older pets

Arthritis in aging pets & How to help your pet age gracefully When is a pet considered a senior? The general rule of thumb is that any dog over 7 is considered a senior, and any dog over 10 is considered geriatric. For cats, similar ages apply, but many consider cats over 10 to be … Read moreClinton Veteinary Hospital’s guide to managing arthritis in older pets

Bloat, GDV and Gastropexy surgery at Clinton Veterinary Hospital

Bloat, GDV and gastropexy surgery in dogs at Clinton Veterinary Hospital, Clinton, CT What is Bloat? Bloat, also referred to, as GDV is a problem seen most commonly in large, deep chested dogs. Bloat occurs when the stomach fills with air and sometimes twists on itself. Bloat is life threatening and if symptoms are not … Read moreBloat, GDV and Gastropexy surgery at Clinton Veterinary Hospital

Vacation, Travel and Pets at Clinton Veterinary Hospital

Vacationing this summer? Here are some tips to help keep your pets safe while you’re away and/or traveling with you.   Summer means vacation time for many families. If you are traveling this summer make sure that you have a plan in place for your pet while you are away. Many people chose to leave … Read moreVacation, Travel and Pets at Clinton Veterinary Hospital

National Heartworm Awareness Month

        As we enter into the month of April here at Clinton Veterinary Hospital, I am reminded that April is National Heartworm Awareness month. As I read that statement, I nodded my head in agreement— yes, this is an important subject and pet owners should be fully informed as an active participant … Read moreNational Heartworm Awareness Month