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We Are The (Pet) Resolution Solution!

The new year is an opportunity for a fresh start—not only for people, but for pets, too! Clinton Veterinary Hospital is here to help you with all your pet-centric resolutions,… Read more

Halloween’s No Treat for Pets!

Halloween is a fun, spooky and often tasty time for us—but many treats associated with Halloween can put your pet’s health at risk. Here’s seasonal food (and drink) that you should… Read more


School is out, the weather is finally nice and it is time to be outside with your pets! Below are five tips to help beat the summer heat and keep… Read more

How to Make a First Aid Kit For Your Pet

Start with either a backpack or container that is durable and water proof. You may want to have a designated area where you can keep contact information/numbers of your rDVM… Read more

Facts about Rabies for Connecticut Pet Owners

You most likely have heard of rabies, but do you know the specifics of this disease? Do you know why in most states dogs and cats are legally required to… Read more

Edible Easter Baskets for Cats!

Cats love greens, so why not make yours a custom Easter basket with wheat grass? Wheat grass is safe for cats to eat and grows quickly. All you need is… Read more

Dakota is the patient of the month!

1. How did you come to live with your humans? Did you join them as a puppy or kitten or were you adopted as an adult? I came to my… Read more

Bloodwork and your pet!

Why bloodwork is an important part of your pet’s healthcare plan. When is bloodwork needed? During sick exams or visits. Bloodwork can help determine the cause of your pet’s illness.… Read more

Why is My Dog Limping?

Dogs can become lame or limp for a various number of reasons. Unlike when we hurt ourselves though, they can’t tell us how they injured themselves or where it hurts.… Read more

Is Your Cat Peeing Outside the Box? Litterbox Tips for Cats

Is your feline friend peeing outside the litterbox? Here are five tips to help with urinary problems in cats. One of the most common complaints we get from cat owners… Read more

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