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Battling Pet Boredom During COVID-19 Quarantine

We are all dealing with major transitions, disruptions and daily changes to our normal routines. Battling boredom is a challenge for not only people, but pets as well. During this time, here are some suggestions to keep your pets enriched and interactive while being in quarantine.



Box Puzzle:  Since most of us do a lot of online ordering, we also tend to have plenty of empty boxes at home. With your dog in another part of the apartment or house arrange empty boxes on the floor and hide treats in some of the boxes. Show your dog the boxes and let your dog find the treats you hid!

Cupcake Puzzle: Take an empty cupcake baking tray and 12 (or as many as you have) tennis balls. Place some yummy treats into some of the slots and then cover with tennis balls. Show your pet the tray and let them move the right tennis balls to find the hidden treats below.

Kong toys:  Allow your dog to have a daily dose of a yummy treat within a Kong toy. You can add some peanut butter, yogurt, pieces of bananas or carrots. Tip: freeze these toys to have them last longer for your pet!

Hiking: We all may be practicing social distancing during this time, but we can still go outside and enjoy these warm days of spring. Explore new trails or parks in your area with your dog—it will be good for both of you!


Laser pointer: Use the laser pointer at different times during the day to encourage your pet to run and play.

Cardboard fun:  Use cardboard boxes as beds, dens, tunnels and mazes. Make a “busy box” by attaching small toys to short lengths of cord and suspending them from the ceiling of a large box. Cut window flaps in the den at various heights.

Ping pong ball: Put a ping-pong ball in the bathtub and allow your cat to chase it all around!