Symptoms for a variety of different diseases and conditions can be similar to one another. That’s why Clinton Veterinary Hospital provides the full range of diagnostic tools and tests to determine precisely what treatment your dog or cat needs.

And, our laboratory is in-house. So, test results are ready quickly, and treatment begins right away.


In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory offers comprehensive services:

  • Urine analysis—Diabetes, dehydration, kidney diseases, and bacterial infections are some of the ailments we can assess using urinalysis.
  • Blood analysis—Complete blood count (CBC) tests on your pet help us determine what may be causing symptoms like fever, vomiting, or appetite loss. Other blood tests determine bone, liver, intestine, heart, and kidney health.


Digital X-rays
Radiographs, or X-rays, help us diagnose broken bones, tumors, and vascular disease. Clinton Veterinary Hospital has moved toward the digital version of this diagnostic tool, allowing for clearer images that can be saved or shared with other experts when needed. Digital X-rays are also available to view within seconds and can be easily shared with pet owners.

This procedure allows us to diagnose everything from cancer, to pregnancies, to abdominal problems, bladder problems, and heart problems. Lauren Price, VMD, uses ultrasound diagnostics routinely, calling it her go-to tool for internal medicine.

The daily use of ultrasound and the presence of an in-house lab put Clinton Veterinary Hospital at the forefront of veterinary diagnostics along the Connecticut shoreline.

Contact us today if your pet is experiencing pain, lethargy, or any other abnormal symptom. Clinton Veterinary Hospital’s diagnostics will provide you with a cost and time-effective solution. And our in-house pharmacy will fill any prescription your pet will need on his or her road to recovery.

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